Track the security-testing git tree via identica

If you’re interested in tracking commits to the security testing tree, you can now do so via identica.

Commits to the master git repo are sent via gregkh’s bti, using the following script as the $repo/hooks/post-receive hook:


read oldrev newrev refname


/usr/bin/git rev-list $oldrev...$newrev --no-merges --pretty=format:"%h|%ae|%s" --abbrev-commit | grep -v ^commit |
while read a; do
echo "$short_refname|$a" | cut -f-140 | ~/bin/bti
sleep 1

It may not scale too well, but it’s simple. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Unrelatedly, here’s a short video I took of a long train in Bangalore:

(Higher quality version)