FOSS.IN Linux Kernel Workout

It’s the end of the first day of FOSS.IN/2008, with people at the speakers hotel continuing to hack on various projects late into the night (11:30pm at this stage).

I’ll provide more detailed observations on the conference after it’s over; for now, some information on the Linux Kernel Workout session scheduled for Saturday.

For people wishing to attend:

There’s now a wiki page for the workout, detailing tasks to be addressed, as well as prerequisites for participation. Please read and follow the latter. You will need a git checked-out kernel tree which has been configured and boot tested on your laptop. Don’t try and do this on the day, as there will not be enough time, nor enough wireless bandwidth.

You should probably also attend the Linux Kernel Hacker Gathering on the Friday, the schedule for which is being finalized, and will help prepare for the workout session.

Harald Welte

Here’s Harald Welte from his GSM hacking workout session today. Note that he’s evolved to the stage where he simply emanates code. Either that, or he’s sitting in front of the projector.