OLS 2008 schedule up

The OLS 2008 schedule is up:

There are quite a lot of security-related items this year, with several covering SELinux. I’ve had a talk accepted on the general state of the SELinux project. If you can read Japanese, see Yuichi Nakamura’s blog entry (he’s presenting on SELinux in consumer electronics).

We’re hoping to hold an SELinux developer event in conjunction with OLS. Hopefully there’ll be more to say on that soon.

It’s interesting to see so many Indian flags next to speakers’ names this year. No doubt related to the enthusiastic efforts of the grassroots community in India as evidenced by FOSS.IN and the growing number and scope of regional conferences.

A quick google returns regional conferences this year in Delhi, Calicut, Chennai and Pune. I probably missed some. A few of them happen around the same time (February or so ) and if its similar next year, then there’s scope for folk who are interested in both traveling around India and in FOSS to do some kind of geek tour — on PTO, I’d imagine, unless your management is epically cool.