Less than a fortnight to go…

FOSS.IN/2007 looks to be shaping up well — here’s the shortlisted schedule.

The live registration stats are interesting — 57% of delegates have indicated interest in the Fedora session of the project days.

I’m honoured and very happy to be returning this year to give talks on general kernel development and the state of SELinux. While preparing the slides, I was surprised at how much has happened in SELinux since my last talk at the conference in 2005. Things really move fast in FOSS.

It’s lucky the talks this year have been extended to 90 minutes, as I have approximately several million slides to get through. Well, perhaps not so lucky for those attending my talks. I’ll post the slides after the conference. In the meantime, catch this interview with Dan Walsh on some cool SELinux features in Fedora 8.

Something that may be of interest to others visiting India for the conference is the excellent Foreign Speaker HOWTO by Harald Welte.

I’d echo his advice to always have small change on you (in denominations of 20/10/5 Rs and some coins), as 500 Rs notes are not very useful for local transport and similar, unless you like the idea of giving 10000% tips. It’s probably best to obtain the currency before getting to India, which typically needs to be ordered ahead of time.

see you @ foss.in 2007