I’ve just finished reading Secure Coding, Principles & Practices, by Graff and van Wyk. I thought it started out a little slowly but by the end of the book they did a really good job of pulling important high-level ideas together into a practical, systematic approach to development from a security point of view. The recommended reading list at the end of the book is good, and I was impressed that they listed my favourite security book first: Ross Anderson’s Security Engineering.

A Linux Journal article I wrote on SELinux and filesystems has been published online. Hopefully this will be useful to people looking for more information on SELinux, which I don’t think is really documented very well yet. One of the issues, I think, is that the people currently working on getting SELinux into shape for general consumption are currently too busy to do much in the way of documentation, general presentations etc. The article by Faye Coker still seems to the best general introduction to SELinux.