Have You Driven an SELinux Lately?

My OLS paper,

Have You Driven an SELinux Lately?

may now be downloaded as a single document, or as part of the conference proceedings.

The paper is a detailed update on the SELinux project, covering important changes to SELinux in the past few years. After the initial upstream kernel merge—which took three years and required LSM to be developed—the project proceeded rapidly in terms of integration into mainstream Linux distributions, as well as having its internal infrastructure overhauled to allow major improvements to both function and usability. A great deal has changed since many people first saw SELinux.

I’d recommend reading the paper if you want to come up to speed on where things are at in the project, and where things are headed.

I’ll be giving a talk on the paper at OLS this Thursday. It’s certainly a challenge trying to keep the talk length below 45 minutes without leaving something significant out. For some reason, my talks tend to self-adjust to about 90 minutes, and I always need to work to shorten them.

As a reminder, the SELinux Developer Summit is on Tuesday, and it will be held at the Ottawa Novotel from 8:30am.

Btw, I noticed Linux being used at Sydney Airport on the way over:

Linux @ Sydney Airport

Ubuntu 6.02, I believe 6.06.2.