The Linux Foundation does not speak for me

I’d like to say, somewhat for the sake of the OpenSolaris folk who are currently having a bit of a rough time, that I personally strongly disagree with certain statements coming out of the Linux Foundation, such as those claiming that the “L in LAMP is literal”. [1]

Of course, LAMP has long been representative of the concept of a free software stack. The term itself has been tremendously useful as a means to identify an open approach to developing and deploying systems. The L does of course not have to mean Linux any more than the P needs to mean PHP or Perl. Aside from OpenSolaris, there are many good choices for operating systems in an open stack, such as OpenBSD.

While LF is an industry consortium representing several companies and organizations with various interests in Linux, it certainly does not generally represent the Linux community.

As a Linux developer, I’d like to continue to extend support and encouragement to OpenSolaris developers.

I believe that such attacks on other open projects serve to damage the general interests of FOSS. Interestingly, LF has granted itself authority to respond to “competitors’ attacks” [2], a role which is surely undermined by themselves undertaking such attacks, especially on emerging FOSS projects.