SELinux kernel git repo

There’s been some flux recently in the git repos I maintain, also complicated by the ongoing git issues.

I’ve now consolidated all of the SELinux-related repos into one repo, and use branches instead of separate repos. The public git URL is now:


Web interface:;a=summary

Branches of interest:

    fixes      - patches which probably belong in the current Linus kernel
    for-2.6.20 - patches being queued for the 2.6.20 merge window
    for-davem  - network related SELinux patches heading for a DaveM repo

Patches in first two branches are typically likely to be also found in current -mm.

This repo is also available via


(which is only probably of use to people with accounts while the performance problems on the public repo system persist).

Thanks to David Woodhouse for providing the resources for this.

Update #2:
Thanks to some help from Sean Neakums (see comments), the branch for feeding into net-2.6.20 now works. i.e.