FOSS.IN Slides

Here are the slides from my FOSS.IN/2005 talks.

Also, found some good media coverage here in The Hindu.

Bangalore: The grounds of the Bangalore Palace have seen many high tech conferences — including the annual mela — but nothing like this: On Tuesday nearly 3000 young `techies’ queued up for over an hour to register for `’, the annual Free and Open Source Software conference which began five years ago as the Bangalore Linux event.

The atmosphere here is fantastic. It’s currently a very bright and warm day with a nice dry breeze. People are wandering around the grounds of the Bangalore Palace, sitting under trees, chatting, eating lunch. All of the technical talks I’ve seen so far have been packed. I can’t remember another conference with so much enthusiasm and such intense thirst for knowledge. It seems like there’s a looming explosion in grassroots Linux activity here (consider the fact that this huge conference itself is a volunteer effort).