Monthly Archives: August 2008

Linux Plumbers Conference

I’ll be attending the Linux Plumbers Conference in Portland OR a few weeks from now. It seems like a really useful event for developers, and even a little unusual in that Linus will be giving a git tutorial.

If there’s anyone attending who’d like to meet up & discuss SELinux, especially distro integration issues and similar, let me know. Kees Cook from the Ubuntu project will be there, so if we have enough people, it might also be worth organizing a BoF session (it seems there are currently slots available).

Similarly, if anyone is interested in discussing the integration of MAC security with KVM (i.e. sVirt — a project I’ll discuss in more detail soon), also let me know.

Nano HOWTO: Getting started with libvirt hacking

How to build libvirt from git on Fedora:

mkdir ~/rpmbuild


git clone git://

cd libvirt

git checkout -b mystuff



The above will clone the tree, checkout a branch to hack on, build and test the code, then generate source and binary RPMS. You’ll also be set then to do local manual builds.

Thanks to danpb for clues.