Monthly Archives: December 2006

Bletchley Park Photos

I’ve spent the last week in London, including a visit to Bletchley Park, the site where the British conducted codebreaking efforts during WWII. The park is a Victorian estate, including a sprawling museum of cryptographic and other wartime exhibits. I’ve uploaded some photos to a flickr photoset.

Bletchley Park Photos

I’d highly recommend visiting this place if in the London area. It’s an easy 30-minute train ride from the city, and there’s a lot of unique and historically fascinating stuff there. Thankfully, the facility has not been significantly renovated or destroyed, and many of the buildings even seem as if they’ve been sealed up since the end of the war.

2007 SELinux Symposium Agenda

The agenda for the 2007 SELinux Symposium has been published. Should be a solid couple of days for learning about the latest engineering & research efforts in the SELinux community. I’ll be especially interested in the SEDarwin talk, and also seeing what Karl has been doing with his new automated policy generation tool, Madison.

Speaking of whom, a sample chapter of SELinux by Example has been made available online.

We got jwz’d. Awesome.